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Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Xinghui) has texturing production plants in Yaqian Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City and Linjiang Industrial Park, Qiantang District, Hangzhou City. These two plants have new texturing machines and import fully automatic integrated packaging equipment from Italy. Using modern productions technologies, Xinghui has large-scale productions of Polyester DTY, Polyester/Nylon DTY, Polyester Sea Island DTY, Polyester Covered Spandex DTY, Polyester Cotton Like DTY, CEY and functional composite yarns and differentiated yarns.

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  • Xinghui chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd was founded in January 1996, is located in Linj-ang Industrial Park of xiaoshan District the registered capital of 100 million yuan.

  • Xinghui chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd was founded in January 1996, is located in Linj-ang Industrial Park of xiaoshan District the registered capital of 100 million yuan.

  • Xinghui chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd was founded in January 1996, is located in Linj-ang Industrial Park of xiaoshan District the registered capital of 100 million yuan.



Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.

Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinghui) establishes in Jan.1996, is a comprehensive large-scale private enterprise. As a professional China Draw textured yarn Manufacturers and custom Draw textured yarn factory, Xinghui's industries include Polyester Spinning, Polyester Texturing, Textiles, Domestic and Foreign Trade, Industrial Investment, Real Estate Development and other fields. At present, the total assets of Xinghui are over 20 billion yuan and the employees of Xinghui are more than 5,000 employees. Xinghui has achieved annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan and profit and tax revenue of more than 1 billion yuan for many consecutive years and has been listed on China's top 500 Private Enterprises and China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises for many years.

Xinghui has been honored as the China Top 500 Private Enterprises, the China Top 500 Manufacturers, the Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the Top 100 Enterprises in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, the Credit Enterprises & the Excellent Enterprise & the Contributing Enterprises, the Headquarters Enterprises in Xiaoshan District, the AAA Bank Credit Enterprises and the AAA Credit Certificates in the past several years.

Under the new development pattern of "Double Cycle", Xinghui focuses on the overall goal of "Persisting in consolidating and improving the competitiveness of the main industry, Combining the investment and development of the auxiliary industry" and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the main industries such as chemical fiber and textile actively. Xinghui is building a modern industrial group with sustainable development ability while improving the added value of products.

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The Process of Polyester Draw Texturing
Polyester draw texturing is a manufacturing process used to enhance the physical properties and texture of polyester yarns. It involves subjecting the polyester filaments to controlled heat and tension, resulting in the transformation of the yarn structure. This process creates a crimped or textured effect, which improves the yarn's stretchability, bulkiness, and overall aesthetic appeal.
1. Polymer Preparation: The process begins with the production of polyester polymer through polymerization. The polymer is melted and extruded through spinnerets to form continuous filaments.
2. Pre-treatment: The filaments undergo pre-treatment processes, including desizing, scouring, and heat-setting, to remove impurities and prepare them for the texturing process.
3. Texturing: The filaments are then passed through a texturing machine, typically a draw-texturing machine. This machine combines the application of heat and tension to modify the yarn structure. The filaments are drawn at high speeds while being heated and then rapidly cooled, causing the filaments to shrink and develop crimps or loops.
4. Heat Setting: After texturing, the yarn is heat-set to stabilize its new structure. Heat setting ensures that the crimped or textured effect is retained even after subsequent processes like washing or dyeing.
5. Finishing: The textured yarn is further processed through finishing treatments to improve its appearance and handle. This may involve treatments like sizing, lubrication, and anti-static application.

The Applications of Polyester Draw Texturing
1. Apparel: Polyester draw textured yarn (DTY) finds extensive use in the apparel industry. The crimped or textured effect adds bulkiness and stretchability to fabrics, making them suitable for various garments such as activewear, sportswear, lingerie, and outerwear. The texture can also enhance the visual appeal of fabrics, providing a unique look and feel.
2. Home Textiles: Textured polyester yarn is used in the production of home textile products like curtains, upholstery, bedspreads, and carpets. The textured yarn adds dimension and interest to these fabrics, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
3. Technical Textiles: The physical properties of polyester draw textured yarn make it suitable for technical applications. It is used in the production of industrial fabrics, geotextiles, automotive textiles, and other technical textiles where strength, durability, and dimensional stability are required.
4. Decorative Fabrics: Textured polyester yarn is popularly used in the production of decorative fabrics, including ribbons, trims, and embellishments. The crimped or looped structure adds a decorative element to these fabrics, making them visually appealing.
5. Filament Yarns: Polyester draw texturing is also used to produce textured filament yarns, which can be further processed into other products like sewing threads, elastic bands, and narrow fabrics.
Polyester draw texturing has become a widely adopted process in the textile industry due to the versatility and enhanced properties it imparts to polyester yarns. Its applications span various sectors, ranging from apparel and home textiles to technical and decorative fabrics.