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  • Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)
  • Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)
  • Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)
  • Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)
Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)

Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY)

● Polyester-ammonia covered DTY (Air covered) is made of polyester POY and spandex through the merging device and wrapping device, forming polyester-ammonia wrapping under the ultra-high speed vortex air in the vortex chamber of the wrapping nozzle, and then produced in one step by oiling and winding. Polyester-ammonia covered yarn has the characteristics of high strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and also has the characteristics of large elongation and resilience, which makes the fabrics which are made of it have strong elastic recovery and are not easily deformed.

● Product usage: mainly used for four-way stretch fabric/weft stretch fabric/warp stretch fabric/round machine air layer/polyester roman fabric and other stretch series fabrics.

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    Polyester-ammonia covered DTY (Air covered)

    30D/36F Polyester+20D Spandex


    (50D/48F/72F)Polyester+20D Spandex


    75D/72F Polyester+(20D/30D/40D)Spandex


    100D/96F Polyester+(20D/30D/40D)Spandex


    (150D/72F/144F)+40D Spandex


    200D/96F Polyester+(20D/30D/40D)Spandex


    250D/96F Polyester+40D Spandex


    300D/96F Polyester+40D Spandex


    50D Cationic Polyester+50D Polyester+40D Spandex


Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.

Xinghui Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinghui) establishes in Jan.1996, is a comprehensive large-scale private enterprise. As a professional China Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY) suppliers and OEM/ODM Polyester Air Covered Spandex Yarn (ACY) manufacturers, Xinghui's industries include Polyester Spinning, Polyester Texturing, Textiles, Domestic and Foreign Trade, Industrial Investment, Real Estate Development and other fields. At present, the total assets of Xinghui are over 20 billion yuan and the employees of Xinghui are more than 5,000 employees. Xinghui has achieved annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan and profit and tax revenue of more than 1 billion yuan for many consecutive years and has been listed on China's top 500 Private Enterprises and China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises for many years.

Xinghui has been honored as the China Top 500 Private Enterprises, the China Top 500 Manufacturers, the Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province, the Top 100 Enterprises in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, the Credit Enterprises & the Excellent Enterprise & the Contributing Enterprises, the Headquarters Enterprises in Xiaoshan District, the AAA Bank Credit Enterprises and the AAA Credit Certificates in the past several years.

Under the new development pattern of "Double Cycle", Xinghui focuses on the overall goal of "Persisting in consolidating and improving the competitiveness of the main industry, Combining the investment and development of the auxiliary industry" and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the main industries such as chemical fiber and textile actively. Xinghui is building a modern industrial group with sustainable development ability while improving the added value of products.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion

What is a polyester air covered spandex yarn (ACY)?
Polyester air-covered spandex yarn (ACY) is a type of yarn that consists of two main components: a core made of spandex (also known as elastane or Lycra) and a covering of polyester fibers. The spandex core provides the stretch and elasticity, while the polyester covering offers protection, stability, and enhanced performance.
The production of ACY involves a process called air covering, where the spandex core is surrounded by a layer of continuous filament polyester fibers. The fibers are wrapped around the spandex core using compressed air, creating a tightly bonded yarn structure. This wrapping process ensures that the spandex core is completely covered and protected by the polyester fibers.
The combination of spandex and polyester in ACY yarn results in a versatile material with stretch and recovery properties. The spandex core provides the yarn with excellent elasticity, allowing it to stretch and return to its original shape after being stretched. The polyester covering adds strength, durability, and stability to the yarn, making it suitable for various applications.
ACY yarns are available in different thicknesses, colors, and stretch levels, depending on the specific requirements of the intended application. The yarn can be further processed into fabrics, garments, or other textile products through knitting, weaving, or other manufacturing techniques.

What are the applications of polyester air covered spandex yarn (ACY)?
Polyester air-covered spandex yarn (ACY) is a versatile textile material with various applications across different industries. Here are some common applications of ACY:
1. Textile Industry: ACY is widely used in the textile industry for producing stretchable fabrics with excellent elasticity. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of sportswear, swimwear, activewear, and other garments that require stretch and recovery properties. ACY provides comfort, flexibility, and durability to the fabrics, making them ideal for athletic and performance-oriented clothing.
2. Hosiery and Socks: ACY is frequently utilized in the production of hosiery and socks. The incorporation of spandex in these garments enhances their stretchability and helps maintain their shape and fit over time. ACY yarns are often used for the waistbands, cuffs, and other areas requiring elasticity, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.
3. Undergarments and Lingerie: ACY is extensively employed in the production of undergarments and lingerie due to its stretchable nature. The combination of polyester and spandex provides a soft and smooth feel against the skin while offering the necessary support and flexibility.
4. Medical and Compression Garments: ACY finds application in the manufacturing of medical textiles and compression garments. The elasticity of ACY helps in creating compression garments that aid in blood circulation, muscle support, and recovery. These garments are commonly used for post-surgery recovery, sports therapy, and managing circulatory conditions.
5. Home Furnishings: ACY is utilized in the production of various home furnishing items, such as bedspreads, curtains, upholstery fabrics, and cushion covers. The addition of spandex provides elasticity to the fabrics, allowing them to stretch and fit well, ensuring a neat appearance and easy installation.
6. Industrial and Technical Textiles: ACY is also employed in industrial and technical textiles where elasticity and durability are essential. It is used in the manufacturing of products like belts, straps, webbing, and various types of technical fabrics. ACY ensures the required strength and flexibility for these applications.
7. Elastic Bands and Trims: ACY is commonly used in the production of elastic bands and trims, such as waistbands, cuffs, and edgings. The stretchable nature of ACY provides comfort and a secure fit for garments, ensuring they stay in place during wear.